Frequently asked questions

Is Agile Tools a released product?

No. Until the new application is available, we will be adding content, like the Metrics Library that you will be able to use in the final product.

Is Agile Tools a free service?

Yes, for now.

Is this product only for software organizations?

No, but we will start with a greater emphasis on metrics for software development. Later we will be adding metrics from all industries for all organizational units.

I am interested in the Agile Tools development roadmap. Can we cooporate in any way?

Yes. In fact, we are looking for pilot companies to work with. Please get in touch!

What happened to existing Agile Tools accounts?

The product has outgrown its architecture and scope, so we are rebuilding it from scratch. We promise it will be worthwhile :-) You will have to create a new account once the new Agile Tools service is available.