Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract and Why You Should Care

The olive tree has been described as a medical miracle, God-send, best-kept-secret, and even the tree of life. From the leaves to the fruit it bears, the olive tree and the countless food medicine it provides has been used for hundreds of years.

It's no wonder the Mediterranean diet is a growing trend, olives, their leaves, and oils have been tied to countless health benefits when consumed as part of your daily intake.

Tea made from olive leaves has been used to fight viral infections and help the body to maintain normal DNA repair. Olive leaf extract is made using olive leaves and acts as a natural antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial support.

This matters in current times as it may help support the body in regarding upper respiratory illnesses as it has been shown to reduce the healing time. There is no recommended dosage information regarding taking olive leaf extract daily and anecdotally, it seems to work best when taken at the onset of symptoms.

There are some olive trees thought to be almost 6,000 years old, any plant living that long definitely has something we should be looking to.

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